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Hands-On Exercises

Lab 1: 802.11 - Association and Channels
Lab 2: Wireless Fidelity
Lab 3: Multi-hop Routing - TCP Performance
Lab 4: Dynamic Ad-Hoc Routing
Lab 5: Heterogeneous Bit Rates and Effect on Network Throughput
Lab 6: Effect of Contention Window Sizes on Aggregate Network Throughput/Fairness
Lab 7: Introduction to Sensor Networks - Data Aggregation
Lab 8: Security
Lab 9: RFID Basics
Lab c1: Introduction to Sensor Networks (modified version of lab 7 - tinyos installed on Ubuntu 6.10)

Last Modified: 5/17/07

ns-2 Simulation Exercises

Lab 101: Introduction to ns2
Lab 102: MAC Contention Window
Lab 103: 802.11 Carrier-Sense
Lab 104: 802.11 Fairness
Lab 105: Data Throughput
Lab 106: Rate Control
Lab 107: RF Propagation Models in ns2
Lab 108: Probabilistic Broadcast
Lab 109: Adhoc Routing - DSDV
Lab 110: On-demand Routing Protocols
Lab 111: Application Control and Queue Management
Lab 112: Back-Pressure Scheduling
Lab c101: MAC Contention Window and RTS (lab 102 with an additional part)
Lab c102: 802.11 Fairness and Comparison of DSR and AODV Routing Protocols (combo of labs 104 and 110)

Last Modified: 5/30/07